About Us

Raymond Chou – Creative Director / Principal Photographer

Vivid Moments Photography

Hello! I am a simple soul living out my dream day by day. Mine happens to involve helping couples record some of the most beautiful moments of their lives.

I love sunshine, but I don’t mind a bit of rain. Vancouver wouldn’t be much fun if I completely disliked rain!

I’m not afraid to look foolish if it helps to break the ice and spark some laughter… as long as I don’t get hurt in the process.

I spend more time than I should over facebook. But what can I say? I love staying connected with people.

I believe that each day is a blessing if we simply allow it to be.

I am an avid story teller, and if walking that extra mile will help yours lead to a happier ending, then I’ll be smiling all the way.

My name is Raymond and I love my life. I hope you love yours too.

Aaron Aubrey – Associate Photographer

Aaron’a thirst for life and knowledge has transformed him from a kid standing on the streets of Osaka with a freshly purchased camera, into a professional who creates imagery that dances in tandem with the stories of his subjects, making them larger than life. Aaron Aubrey has honed his skills as a photographer by assisting established professionals on challenging and creative shoots, traveling alone to India to photograph the people there, and being a key player in capturing unforgettable memories for Vivid Moments.






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