About Us

Raymond Chou – Creative Director / Primary Photographer

Vivid Moments Photography

I am a deep believer of living out our dreams, or put another way, the life that we were meant to live. Mine just so happens to involve helping happy couples remember some of the beautiful moments of their lives.

I prefer sunshine over rain, but I find that it’s good for the soul to have a balance of both. After-all, living in Vancouver wouldn’t be much fun if I disliked rain!

I’m not afraid to look foolish if it helps to break the ice and spark some laughter… so long as I don’t get hurt in the process.

I spend more time than I should on facebook and twitter. But what can I say? I love connecting with people!

I believe that each day is a blessing in and of itself and that happiness is not something that needs to be pursued, but simply accepted.

I am an avid story teller, and if walking that extra mile will lead to a happier ending, then I’ll be sure to wear comfortable shoes. I love hearing stories just as much, so if you’re willing to share yours, coffee is on me.


Aaron Aubrey – Associate Photographer

Aaron’a thirst for life and knowledge has transformed him from a kid standing on the streets of Osaka with a freshly purchased camera, into a professional who creates imagery that dances in tandem with the stories of his subjects, making them larger than life. Aaron Aubrey has honed his skills as a photographer by assisting established professionals on challenging and creative shoots, traveling alone to India to photograph the people there, and being a key player in capturing unforgettable memories for Vivid Moments.






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