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A wedding photographer is an invaluable resource, they’ll have more tips and strategies for obtaining the best photos than you can imagine. However, as a bride-to-be it never hurts to be prepared. Here are 5 simple things you can do to make your wedding album positively burst with stunning images.

1. Don’t rush!

With all the things that generally take place during a wedding, it’s inevitable that your big day will run a little behind schedule. Unfortunately, lots of couples decide to make up for lost time by hurrying through their portraits. Of course, you don’t want to feel like you’re running late, but it’s not worth rushing your photos. A lack of time will simply force you and your photographer into a stressful situation and won’t allow either of you to make the most of the opportunity you have to document your day. To avoid this, make sure that you factor in some extra buffer time for your photographer to work with you to get a broad range of portraits. As a bride, you put a lot of effort into making sure that you look your best on your wedding day – make sure you’ve got plenty of time to capture that!

2. Looking good takes effort!

Posing for a camera seems relatively simple, but the reality is, it can be exhausting! If you’re planning on keeping a record of your wedding day, it’s likely that you’ll have a photographer present throughout the whole day. Don’t underestimate how tiring it can be to pose for a camera over an extended period of time. To paraphrase world renowned wedding photographer, Roberto Valenzuela, if you’re not tired, you’re probably not posing for the camera correctly. To combat this, make sure you get plenty of rest in the lead up to your big day. Being snapped so many times can be frustrating too, so keep in mind that it’s all part of making sure you get the images you want. And remember, your effort won’t go unrewarded, you’ll thank yourself (and your photographer) when you see the stunning end results.

3. Feeling awkward isn’t always bad!

When working with new couples, I always tell them ahead of time that they’re probably going to feel a little awkward while posing for their photos. The truth is, the way you’d normally hold your partners hand, embrace, or kiss, isn’t always flattering on camera. A good wedding photographer will take a moment to perfect a pose. And while it might not feel natural, it’s done to create a perfect moment and to make you look as photogenic as possible. Remember that this is normal – don’t let the awkwardness get the better of you. Trust your photographer and have fun with it! Know that this little bit of awkwardness will result in wonderful photos that you’ll treasure forever.

4. Be natural!

It’s a knee jerk reaction to freeze when someone takes your photograph. You end up standing with your weight equally distributed across both feet and with your legs perfectly straight. This is ok if you’re a military cadet and you’re having your graduation photo taken, but it’s definitely not OK if you’re a bride and it’s your wedding day! The result is that these static looking photos leave you and your loved one looking stiff like you don’t want to be there – definitely not the look you’re going for! Think about the way you naturally stand. Normally you’d shift your weight from foot to foot – this is exactly what you want to do for your wedding photos too. Not only will you look happier and more at ease, it’ll enhance your natural feminine curves and showcase your amazing dress to best effect. So remember, be natural!

5. Don’t forget to stand tall – it’s your wedding day after all!

I think it’s safe to say that most of us spend so much of our day sitting that we’ve developed a habit of slouching. Unfortunately, slouching doesn’t make for great wedding photos. It’s your wedding day and you’ve invested a lot of time and energy making sure you look your best. At the end of all of that, you don’t want bad posture to let you down. Your photographs will always look better if you remember to stand up tall. Here’s a little advice … As a former ballroom dancer, I learnt to improve my posture by imagining that the top of my head was being pulled towards the ceiling by a rope. If you look at it that way, improving your posture is quick and simple. To refine your posture even further, try pulling your shoulders back and bringing your chest forward. This will make you look more confident and energetic – exactly the way you want to be remembered on your wedding day!

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