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Elaine Green PhotographerFirst off we wanted to start off our first post of 2015 by wishing you all a Happy New Year! Since the holidays, we couldn’t help but notice the number of newly engaged couples as 2015 approached. Inspired, we wanted to share Elaine and Duane’s beautiful proposal which we had the pleasure of documenting back in October.

Elaine and Duane are from Edmonton Alberta, and were visiting Vancouver in late October where they ended up leaving as an engaged couple! Wanting the milestone documented, Duane surprised Elaine with a couple’s photo shoot in Granville Island. They had always talked about having shoots in different places they travel, so Elaine thought this was a cute gift from Duane. What Elaine didn’t know was that Duane had been planning a surprise engagement proposal for months and had Vivid Moments document the even which took place during the shoot. Duane took Elaine to a hidden area place near the water’s edge where he said he’d been geocaching before. He wanted to show her what he had hidden under some rocks, and to her delightful surprise he took out a jar of candy rings with a note in it. As Elaine started to read the note, Duane got down on one knee, revealed the real ring from his pocket, and the rest was a teary blur 🙂 Of course Elaine said yes!

On a side note, we were especially looking forward to documenting the happy event because Elaine herself is an award winning photographer whose work inspired us for many years!

If you yourself became recently engaged, we want to wish you a huge congratulations!! If you’re in love with the way we capture stories and are willing to share yours, feel free to drop us a line and say hello! May 2015 be on of the happiest and most fulfilling years of your life!!

Elaine Green PhotographerElaine Green Photographer

With the fall season upon us, the sight of sunshine becomes more rare with each passing week; so when it came time for another engagement session, I was extremely delighted to see the shine down on us so beautifully! But despite how nice the sun was was, the real stars of the show were Morgan and Zach. Their smiles, laughter, and radiant love made this one of my most enjoyable engagement sessions ever, and we were all so happy with how the photos turned out. Can’t wait for their wedding in 2015!!

Stanley Park Engagement

I had the pleasure of taking LeHien and Sydney’s engagement photos over the Victoria Day long weekend. Since they already had a pre-wedding photo shoot during the daytime while visiting Vietnam, we felt like doing something different this time so I photographed their entire engagement session at night. Because there’s hardly any natural light to work with, every photo had to be artificially lit which makes night-time shoots generally more challenging. Of course, that’s also what makes them more rewarding.

LeHien and Sydney’s photos were taken at Granville Island, one of my favorite locations to shoot at night, in large part to the amazing backdrop created by the city lights of downtown Vancouver. Because the mood of these photos lean towards being more sexy and dramatic, not every couple can pull the look off so to speak. In LeHien and Sydney’s case however, I could have photographed these two all night long and love every minute of it.


Vivid Moments |

I’m happy to finally blog about one of our first engagement sessions of 2014! A lot of our couples have been waiting until cherry blossom season to have their session done, and my friends Minch and Eric were one of them. I’ve known them both for almost 10 years, and if you’ve read some of my past blog posts, you know that I absolutely love photographing my friends.

Minch and Eric vibrated with laughter and smiles all throughout the 2 hours we spent together, so much so that I don’t think I could have asked for an easier couple to work with. Our session started underneath a canopy of cherry blossoms in Richmond at a location I fell in love with as soon as I saw it. We then made our way over to Garry Point Park in Steveston, where their super cute dog Coochie tagged along for a few photos. I’m not a pet owner, but I wish I could have taken this one home muahaha. Looking forward to their wedding at the University Golf Club at the end of June!


Cherry Blossom PhotoshootCherry Blossom PhotoshootCherry Blossom Photoshoot

Enter the first of what I hope to be many winter engagement sessions! I had such a wonderful time photographing Ava and Nivas’s engagement photos in downtown Vancouver. Although I were initially worried the weather might have been too cold to endure, these two gave  their best and were not at all bothered by the weather. Living in Saskatchewan really helps! We began our session at the Vancouver Art Gallery, and from there we photographed around Robson Square. I loved the fact that these two so easy to work with and that their emotions radiated with such ease in front of the camera. Makes me look all the more forward to their wedding next year!


Downtown Vancouver Engagement PhotosDowntown Vancouver Engagement Photos

White Rock Photoshoot

We had an amazing time the other day photographing Sonja and Joey’s engagement photos at Blackie Spit Park and Trails in White Rock, a place I’ve only been to twice in my life hitherto. For the nature lovers out there, I definitely recommend coming here for a visit.

Back to our beautiful couple, at first Joey and Sonja told me that they were nervous in front of the camera, but nothing could be further from the truth after having worked with them. These two couldn’t stop smiling and laughing throughout, so much that I never had to do any of the usual coaxing to get the fun-loving expressions I wanted from them–Christmas for a wedding photographer right there! See for yourself if you don’t believe me 🙂

White Rock PhotoshootWhite Rock Photoshoot

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