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University Golf Club Wedding

Sometimes a wedding ends up being just absolutely perfect – even if there seems to be a huge number of things that are going against it. In the case of Alicia and Jianan, they had their fair share of reasons to worry that their wedding day just wouldn’t be what they hoped. Unfortunately both of their fathers were unwell, so they were unable to attend their wedding on August 16th, 2014. But Alicia and Jianan did not let this get them down. Instead, they made more of an effort to include their mothers, and this led to some truly heart warming photographs that were an absolute pleasure to capture. 

Alicia and Jianan are such a well suited couple, and this is incredibly obvious in the way that they look at each other in every single photograph. The love simply pours out! They wanted a really beautiful and elegant wedding, and they could not have chosen a better venue than the University Golf Club. Despite threatening skies, the sun burst out on their outdoor ceremony as their select guests watched on as Alicia and Jianan became husband and wife.

Bubbles greeted them as they went back down the aisle, and then it was time for their wonderful and jolly lunch reception. After changing into a stunning floor length blue dress with silver beading, Alicia joined her new husband Jianan for their first dance. Everywhere you looked, you could see smiling faces, and it was quite difficult for us to be able to keep up! After the reception was all said and done, we had such a great time working with this cute and loving couple at their post-wedding photoshoot at Jericho Beach Park. The light was perfect, and the happy couple simply could not look happier! These two lovebirds will certainly be able to look back at this magical day for years to come.

University Golf Club WeddingUniversity Golf Club Wedding


Westin Wall Centre WeddingI don’t know about other photographers, but weddings always seem that extra little bit special for me when you personally know the bride and groom, and Darryn and Michelle is an excellent example of this. Not only were the newlywed couple friends of mine, but I was happy to see familiar faces all throughout the day. The day was a real emotional affair, with many people holding back the tears of joy and laughter. But beyond the smiling faces around me, there were plenty of unusual and incredible sights to pick out with my camera…as you can see!

Darryn and Michelle became husband and wife on July 19th of this year at the New Life Lutheran Church, their home church, and they brought their own unique style to their special day. The seven bridesmaids were dressed in a delicate blush pink, that was perfectly balanced by the silver of the groomsmen. It was difficult for many people to prevent themselves from gasping as Michelle entered the room she looked so beautiful. At the reception that was held at the Westin Wall Centre Hotel in Richmond, you could see evidence of their love of Lego all over the place: from the Lego center pieces, to the cake topper that was constructed of Lego, and finally to the Lego helmets that were given to them as gifts by their friends at the end of evening.

Never ones to bow to tradition, Darryn and Michelle made sure that their wedding day was just that: their day. They personalized each and every moment, making it an absolute delight to be a part of it. They treated traditions as guidelines, and refused to be tied down by them. Instead, they following their favorites and broke the rest, creating a day that will really stand out in my mind for many years to come.

Ceremony Venue: New Life Lutheran Church
Reception Venue: Westin Wall Centre, Vancouver Airport
Makeup + Hair: Makeup by Mary Im
Wedding Dress: Isabelle’s Bridal
Decor + Flowers: Divine Decor
Cake: Cake Patisserie

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marriott pinnacle vancouver wedding

It is always a joy to provide the wedding photography for a couple that resonate so much joy, and we were not disappointed when we became part of the magical day when Ava and Nivas tied the knot. The July day was incredibly hot, and yet not a single hair was out of place for any of the bridesmaids, dressed in a splendidly vibrant red. The groomsmen followed their lead, with gorgeous red ties and flowers. The outdoor wedding based in the Marriott Pinnacle Downtown Hotel was beautifully set up, and all we had to do was watch and wait for those magical moments which we knew would arrive.

Ava was walked down the aisle by both her father and her mother. Her mother was dressed in a elegant golden dress that reflect the motifs woven into the lace in the bride’s dress. Nivas’ expression when he saw his beautiful bride was wonderful to see, and from that moment on the happy couple barely lost those smiles. I say barely because during the vows, Ava did struggle to keep her composure a little bit! Her mother, too, had to search for a hankerchief and the wedding ceremony was so beautiful and so moving, that there were more than a few people holding back the tears as they watched two people that really loved each other declaring that they would spend the rest of their lives together.

As the happy couple walked back down the aisle, there was no confetti falling over them; instead, bubbles rained down! It was a really delightfully fun moment that captured the essence of this wedding: full of laughter and sunshine, as we are sure their married life will be for many years to come.

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Marriott Pinnacle Downtown Hotel
Bride’s Gown: Enan Almando Couture
Decor: Coveted Covers
Florist: Vivio Flowers
Harpist: Michelle Klimchuk
Wedding Planners: Modern Mint Events

Minoru Chapel Wedding

A July wedding is always beautiful, and the day that Le Hien and Sydney became man and wife was definitely no exception. Although we were greeted by the familiar setting of Vancouver’s rain and grey skies at the start of their wedding ceremony, by the time Le Hien and Sydney got married at the altar, the weather started clearing, the guests beamed, and two people ridiculously in love with each other committed the rest of their lives to one another.

Le Hien and Sydney chose a very traditional venue, Minoru Chapel to have their wedding, one which we haven’t visited for a couple of years but were more than happy to be back to for another wedding! The antique architecture and natural light that fell into the church made for some really beautiful photographs: a perfect setting to serve as the backdrop for the bride and groom’s new beginning. Their portrait session at Minoru Park was followed by a festive outdoor BBQ reception, full of games and merriment for everyone. The relaxed and fun atmosphere was a perfect opportunity for friends and family from both sides of the aisle to really get to know each other, and trade hilarious stories of both the bride and groom! Everywhere we looked there was laughter, which made taking photographs very simple.

We were very impressed to learn that much of the wedding had been organized and created by Le Hien, Sydney, and their friends and family. In fact, the cake, all of the decoration, and even the wedding rings have been lovingly created by their loved ones. Such originality and uniqueness really makes their day personal and special. After all, there is nothing like looking around and realising that the entire day has been made of love.

Le Hien and Sydney, congratulations again on reaching this amazing milestone in your journey together. Wishing you all the best in the years to come!! Oh and thanks again for the Lego tribute!

Minoru Chapel WeddingMinoru Chapel Wedding

Married in month of roses June, life will be one long honeymoon

These are certainly the hopes and wishes of the friends and family of Min-Chee and Eric, as they witnessed them become husband and wife on June 29th of this year. After meeting at the University of British Columbia, their paths seemed set together: both majored in Mathematics, and both wanted to spend the rest of their lives with the other. It was truly a pleasure for me to be part of their wedding, especially since I’ve known them both for many years.

Min-Chee and Eric brought their own individuality to a day that is often full of conformity. For example, instead of a traditional ring bearer, they decided to bestow the honour on their dog Cauchy. He wore his own custom tuxedo, and totally brought the personal element to the day. The ceremony and the reception were held at the University Golf Club, and the rolling lawns and (eventual!) sunshine gave us the chance to get some gorgeous photographs. Even within their meal arrangements, Min-Chee and Eric have proven that you don’t have to follow the crowd to have a beautiful wedding. They decided that they would rather have a lunch reception than a dinner one, and so that is what they had. The orange and yellow colours that they chose were perfect for the venue, highlighting the elegance of the place without being too showy.

But for me, what made this wedding really stand out in my mind was one particular moment: a timeless moment between father and daughter that transpired when Min-Chee’s dad saw his little girl in her wedding dress for the first time. It was a moment, I think, when they both realized that this was a celebration of an ending as well as a beginning.

Min-Chee and Eric, thank you for giving us the immense pleasure to document this very special day in your life. I wish you nothing but love and happiness in the years to come!

Ceremony/Reception Venue: University Golf Club
Makeup & Hair: Jessica Hsia
Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal
Florist: Jayme Carter
Officiant: Mitchell Clarke of the Chapel Group

University Golf Club Wedding

University Golf Club WeddingUniversity Golf Club WeddingUniversity Golf Club Wedding

You can always tell when you are photographing a couple of artists, and Elisa and Mike were no exception. Both working in the creative worlds, they brought an element of design and beauty to their wedding which really astounded me. Elisa even wore three different dresses throughout the evening, each one more beautiful than the last. The first was the more traditional Western dress of ivory, while Elisa wore a rich dark red dress during the meal. The evening brought out the traditional red dress that suited her perfectly.

Their June wedding was held at the Riverway Clubhouse, an outstanding reception hall that is absolutely perfect for weddings. The weather was fabulous, and we captured some amazing moments of their touching outdoor ceremony in the sunshine. Having the bridesmaids in white was a really incredible touch, and brought something totally different to their traditional ceremony. The photoshoot of this super fun couple took place at Deer Lake, and the light was just perfect to bring out their bright and happy smiles!

I know that as a photographer I’m not meant to have favourites, but I was blown away by the wedding cake that Elisa and Mike had chosen. The figures at the top sat together and looked so cute: it perfectly summed up this creative couple. The night was danced away, and I slipped out knowing that this couple are going to be happy for a very long time.

Congratulations Elisa and Mike!!

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